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By Hendrikus Egidius Antonia van den Akker; J J Derksen

ISBN-10: 0444504761

ISBN-13: 9780444504760

Ordinarily, fluid blending and the similar multiphase contacting procedures have regularly been considered as an empirical expertise. Many points of combining, dispersing and contacting have been regarding strength draw, yet knowing of the phenomena used to be constrained or qualitative on the so much. specifically over the last decade, despite the fact that, plant operation ambitions have tightened and product requisites became stricter. Read more...

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G. given in [17]) are urgently required which should include kmax, kmin, areax, Emin and in the absence of of such data the structure of the flows may often be over-simplified a n d / o r potentially important effects are neglected: for example, tangential flows in the opposite direction to that of impeller rotation are encountered [10,31] above or below a Rushton impeller, and lack of such knowledge may inhibit understanding of the effects of flow on mixing performance. The flows around impellers can also exhibit substantial instabilities [30] which may introduce additional complexities and must be accounted for in modelling and experimentation.

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