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By Colonel S. L. A. Marshall

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This is real tale of guardian regiment of the well-known "Band of Brothers" effortless corporation. because the tens of hundreds of thousands of yankee troops started their technique towards the forbidding German-defended Normandy coast, their comrades within the 82nd and one hundred and first Airborne divisions had already flown over the Channel and started shedding and gliding into enemy territory. The Airborne Divisions had a task severe to the luck of the whole Normandy Landings; past the preliminary seashore touchdown parts have been miles of flooded defended ditches and waterways. If the German troops controlled to safeguard those bottlenecks the american citizens on Utah seashore, on the severe correct of the operation, will be not able to maneuver ahead and can have foundered at the beach.The seize and retention of the 2 southernmost exits have been assigned to the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment; the plan used to be good thought-out and could have almost certainly have succeeded handsomely. but the drop of the 506th like many...

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He had looked at his compass. He knew that he was crawling south and he figured that he must be coming to the Douve. The direction was taking him away from the sounds of the fighting. {4} The moon was quite bright. Johnson decided to wait where he was and see whether any of the men would come to him. Another 15 minutes passed. Then he heard the chirp of a cricket right near him. It was the "most joyful noise" of a lifetime. He felt for his own cricket; it was gone. He heard the other cricket again; the sound persisted.

I'll go back to the battalion and get two machine guns," he said to Bottomly. "No, I'll get four machine guns. No, I guess I won't. " Most of the Germans were either out of sight or of range across the swamp, but about 20 of them had come right down the edge of it. With rifle fire, the CP group killed about 12; the others came into the lines with their hands up. As the fire broke out, the main body of the German battalion hauled off deeper into the swamp. It is not in the record or in anyone's recollection that the information was sent forward to Johnson that a strong body of the enemy was advancing directly toward his lines.

The enemy rifle pits seemed to be only 60 or 70 yards from him. He noted that elsewhere along his line the men were scarcely attempting to observe through the hedgerows, such was the consistency of the opposing fire. Ballard thought of using smoke but could find only orange smoke grenades the friendly signal. Both companies tried at different times to organize a forward rush along the perpendicular hedgerows. But they lost a few men at the start and promptly recoiled. By 0800, Ballard had felt out the pressure sufficiently that he was certain the enemy force intended to stand its ground and could not be aborted.

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