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By Anne Ophelia Dowden

ISBN-10: 0529055481

ISBN-13: 9780529055484

An creation to herbs, their historical past, features, and their many makes use of.

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In Italy, because it was a symbol of immortality, it was placed in garlands on the coffins of dead children. 42 — St. was not only a charm John's wort against evil; was a universal balm, it sometimes called tout-sain tutsan in French, or (all health) in English. Penuinkle was used as an astringent and Ground up tonic. " ST. JOHN'S WORT Hypericum perforatum Aristotle first recorded the belief that swallows used greater celandine to restore sight to their young The plant scientific Inevitably, is they were blinded.

One of the most ancient religious customs Most incense came from Oriental is the use of and not from herbs, but occasionally churches burned rosemary instead, and incense. " trees The Romans garlanded their household gods with rosemary; and the ancient Hebrews 48 anointed tabernacle, ark, and ceremonial vessels with a sacred compounded oil myrrh. Some of sweet-flag root with olive, cinnamon, and plants were sacred in themselves. Lotus and holy were worshiped in Egypt; deity in India a deity that could sanctify, protect, — the way to heaven.

It was the herb that Medea prepared for Theseus and the one that Romeo swallowed in his when he thought that Juliet was dead. The earliest dyes nearly all came from grief primitive people simply smeared berry juice their utensils, or their bodies. dyeing cloth was fabrics known in But by 3000 plants. C. C. were colored with a red purple from the madder plant and a blue from indigo. C. were dyed blue with either indigo or woad; and at nearly the same time, the Egyptians were using safflower for yellows and reds.

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