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By Raymond A. Pyles, Robert S. Tripp, Kristin F. Lynch, Don Snyder, Patrick Mills

ISBN-10: 0833041282

ISBN-13: 9780833041289

Describes a possible universal working procedure (COP) for the Air strength materiel sustainment procedure (MSS). The authors first increase a COP in keeping with the foundations of effects-based measures, schwerpunkt (organizational focus), choice rights, and a nonmarket fiscal framework, then they practice the COP to depot-level reparable part sustainment to demonstrate how the COP might increase total MSS potency and responsiveness.

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Even though an agency has an appropriate level of resources and effective processes, its performance against its MOEs3 also depends on its use of those resources and its refinement of its internal processes. Identify MOEIs and Alarm Thresholds for Each MOE Each effect being sought usually requires the joint action of multiple agencies within an organization. Each agency performs some particular activity that may consist of several different related processes. Many things outside the supply agencies’ control can intervene to interrupt even the best-laid plans.

Should those efforts fail, the neutral integrator may have limited additional resources that can be brought to bear. In extreme circumstances, the neutral integrator may need to ask the demand side to adjust the MOE targets. So far, this approach does not address the moral hazard issues. A demand-side entity can still demand more than it actually needs, and a supply-side entity can promise and deliver less than its actual capability. Three solutions to the moral hazard problem present themselves: competition, experience, and computer models.

Trend measures provide an important complement to the threshold values, in that they may signal a deteriorating situation before the threshold value is reached. To ensure a system is achieving (or will ultimately achieve) its target MOE level, we envision using sentinels that automatically monitor the system’s MOEIs. By comparing those MOEIs to threshold values needed to achieve the target MOE, the sentinel could signal Method for Designing a Common Operating Picture 25 operational suppliers, demanders, and neutral integrators of current or impending problems that would jeopardize their objectives.

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