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By Associate Professor H. T. Kirby-Smith A.B. M.A.

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H. T. Kirby-Smith makes use of Santayana’s 1936 novel, The final Puritan, as either an social gathering and a way for bringing into concentration the complicated family among Santayana’s existence, his character, and his philosophy. starting with an account of Santayana’s a variety of literary kinds and arguing for the importance of Santayana’s writing of philosophy as literature, Kirby-Smith notes that Santayana observed the rational existence as a continuous adjustment and lodging of contradictory claims. And he observed a literary kind as an lodging of the writer to the reader.Chapters 2 via five give you the philosophical history for a attention of The final Puritan, summarizing precisely how Santayana assimilated different philosophies into his own.Chapters 6 and seven comprise Santayana’s three-volume autobiography, his letters and memoirs, and biographical stories through others right into a mental portrait of the writer. All of this is often in education for chapters eight and nine, which concentrate on The final Puritan. Kirby-Smith closes with a bankruptcy that serves as a felony short in security of the writer opposed to the cruel, occasionally malicious assaults of his critics.

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This quality he shares with some of his compatriotsGoya and Cervantes, for examplea tough acceptance of things as they really are, including the reality of illusion. " No more illuminating comment on the novel has been written. Santayana's writings have been printed and reprinted in many editions; documentation is a therefore a problem. Since numerous copies of the original printings of The Last Puritan still existcatalogued in thousands of libraries, handed down in family collections, and on the shelves of used-book storesI first give page references to that edition.

Actually he is all these things at onceand much more. Although one will come away from McCormick's biography (and from Santayana's own autobiography, reissued as a single-volume Persons and Places) with a sense of personal acquaintance with him, it seemed to me useful to consider even more closely the reciprocities that exist between his life, his personality, and his philosophy. I have therefore tried also to offer a psychographic portrait of Santayana and his work, my models being Sainte-Beuve and, after him, Edmund Wilson.

Here is Santayana's ownat times, fin-de-sièclemanner: When, however, we learn to apperceive; when we grow fond of tracing lines and developing vistas; when, above all, the subtler influences of places on our mental tone are transmuted into an expressiveness in those places, and they are furthermore poetized by our day-dreams, and turned by our instant fancy into so many hints of a fairyland of happy living and vague adventure,then we feel that the landscape is beautiful. (Sense of Beauty 83) The opalesque glitter from within these linesthe stylistic iridescenceis another example of Santayana's protective coloration in his earlier writings.

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