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By Robert L. Weber

ISBN-10: 0750306491

ISBN-13: 9780750306492

This anthology offers an perception into the wit and mind of the clinical brain via a mix of fun and critical contributions written by means of and approximately scientists. The contributions list altering attitudes inside of technological know-how and replicate the interactions of technological know-how with society.

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When the tortoise had grown to such a size that several pressmen were taking a daily interest, Wood then reversed the process, and in a week or so the tortoise mysteriously contracted to its original dimensions. HOAXES IN WAR Induced incongruities have a high place in warfare, where if the enemy can be induced to take incorrect action the war may be advantageously affected. ’ These same colleagues also woiked with me in some technical deceptions, of which one was the persuasion of the Germans in 1943 that our successes against the U-boats were due not to centimetric radar but to a fictitious infrared detector.

Behind they have two legs and in front they have fore legs. This makes six legs, which is certainly an odd number of legs for a horse. But the only number that is both odd and even is infinity. Therefore horses have an infinite number of legs. Now to show that this is general, suppose that somewhere there is a horse with a finite 34 number of legs. But that is a horse of another colour, and by the lemma that does not exist. Corollary 1. Everything is the same colour. Proof. The proof of lemma 1 does not depend at all on the nature of the object under consideration.

The machine was now set to work. The wax rapidly melting, proved the increase of temperature. Caloric then was collected by friction; which caloric, on the supposition, was communicated by the bodies in contact with the machine. In this experiment, ice was the only body in contact with the machine. Had this ice given out caloric, the water on the top of it must have been frozen. The water on the top of it was not frozen, consequently the ice did not give out caloric. The caloric could not come from the bodies in contact with the ice; for it must have passed through the ice to penetrate the machine, and an addition of caloric to the ice would have converted it into water.

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