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By Brian Massumi

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A surprise to idea brings jointly essays that discover Deleuze and Guattari's philosophy of expression in a couple of modern contexts. it is going to be of curiosity to all these in philosophy, cultural stories and artwork idea. the quantity additionally includes an interview with Guattari which truly restates the 'aesthetic paradigm' that organizes either his and Deleuze's paintings.

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Thought does not reflect the real. It is real. 32 A genesis of the definite Artaud was right: expression ‘says too much to be born, and says too much in being born’. Its expressive momentum carries a charge of potential too great to be absorbed in any particular thing or event: too much to be born(e). It is for this very reason that it has to take body: so as to continue, generating a more to reality to absorb the excess. These actualize the potential in determinate forms of content and expression.

Expression’s culmination effects consent to perceptual pick-up by the human body. 26 There are any number of non-human strata in the world, with their own ‘perceptual’ mechanisms: means for picking up a charge of potential aflow in the world and capturing it in a stratum-forming selfproduction or reproduction. Many of these non-human formations are in fact integrated in the human body. A ray of light passing into the human eye strikes on the level of physics. Its impulse passes through many an interlocking level, from the physical to the chemical to the biological.

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