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By William Chester Jordan

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A story of 2 Monasteries takes an extraordinary examine one of many nice rivalries of the center a long time and provides it as a revealing lens in which to view the intertwined histories of medieval England and France. this is often the 1st publication to systematically evaluate Westminster Abbey and the abbey of Saint-Denis--two of an important ecclesiastical associations of the 13th century--and to take action during the lives and competing careers of the 2 males who governed them, Richard de Ware of Westminster and Mathieu de Vend?me of Saint-Denis.

Esteemed historian William Jordan weaves a panoramic narrative of the social, cultural, and political historical past of the interval. It was once an age of uprising and crusades, of inventive and architectural innovation, of extraordinary political reform, and of exasperating foreign diplomacy--and Richard and Mathieu, in a single means or one other, performed very important roles in a lot of these advancements. Jordan strains their upward push from imprecise backgrounds to the top ranks of political authority, Abbot Richard turning into royal treasurer of britain, and Abbot Mathieu two times serving as a regent of France throughout the crusades. by way of permitting us to appreciate the advanced relationships the abbots and their rival associations shared with one another and with the kings and social networks that supported and exploited them, A story of 2 Monasteries paints a shiny portrait of medieval society and politics, and of the formidable males who prompted them so profoundly.

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25–41. 49 Carpenter, “Fall of Hubert de Burgh,” pp. 1–17. 50 West, Justiciarship. 51 Treharne, Baronial Plan of Reform, pp. 90–91. , p. 100. ENGLAND AND FRANCE 11 1258. 53 Precious few in power seemed anymore to heed the distraught king. The political history of France could not have been more different, although in a catalog of extraordinary triumphs for the crown there was to be one shattering disappointment. 55 Meanwhile, toward the southwest, on the second front, Philip’s son and heir, the future Louis VIII, moved against King John’s own forces.

Montjoie Saint-Denis! Mount Joy—symbolically, Zion. 91 This solemn association of the French crown and Zion, the Holy Land, made the failure of the king’s Crusade and his brief captivity even harder 89 On the relevance of the Sainte-Chapelle’s decorative motifs to the joint theme of righteous kingship and crusading, see the excellent and wide-ranging study of Alyce Jordan, Visualizing Kingship. 90 Billot, “Saintes-Chapelles,” pp. 229–48, emphasizes the traditional view of the SainteChapelle of Paris as a private aristocratic family chapel, which it certainly was, like many other similar saintes-chapelles, but Cohen has shown (“Indulgence for the Visitor”) that the public nature of the royal chapel and its attendant open spaces has gone unappreciated because of architectural modifications that for a long time have masked this aspect of the building.

The second was the fifth- or sixth-century Syrian, now known as the Pseudo-Areopagite, who claimed in his Greek-language mystical works to be the Pauline convert in order to give those works quasi-apostolic authority. It is unlikely that any of the skepticism about the identity of the head-carrying saint reached Mathieu while he was still a boy in Vendoˆme. Bright and an enthusiastic devotee of the famous martyr, and thus probably known by pilgrims to and by the keepers of SaintDenis de Thore´ who had contacts with the great abbey two hundred kilometers distant, the youth would have seemed a worthy recruit.

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