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By Major Donald V. Phillips

This examine examines the making plans, execution, and result of US army involvement within the 1970 Cambodian incursions. Named Operation Rockcrusher, the assaults detailed North Vietnamese sanctuaries in formally impartial Cambodia. Strategic suggestions for the operation mirrored the Nixon administration's wish to continue with troop mark downs and quick "Vietnamize" the conflict in Southeast Asia. Efforts to set stipulations for a U.S. withdrawal from Vietnam, together with a covert bombing crusade of Cambodia, failed. those components, besides a deteriorating political scenario inside Cambodia, resulted in approval of the attacks. The thesis describes the operational and tactical targets that have been derived from the strategic state of affairs. Then, via discussing key parts of the crusade, the learn examines how good the U.S. military complete those targets. Reviewed in the context of chosen battlefield working platforms, the operation finds a determined "mixed bag" of good fortune and...

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These lowlands, almost inaccessible to the rest of Cambodia during the monsoons, merge imperceptibly into the western frontier of Vietnam. No continuous landmark delineates the border. Nor is there an immediate cultural shift in these provinces. {31} Although the origin of the Khmer people remains unclear, they emerged as a culture radically different from that of their Chinese influenced neighbors, the Vietnamese. Archeological evidence points to a major influx of Indian culture into Cambodia and Thailand around the time of the birth of Christ.

76} Although it would be over a year before American troops would openly venture into Cambodia, 1968 and 1969 marked the beginning of a large-scale secret effort to interdict the base camps. The response took the form of code names Menu and Salem House. CHAPTER 3 — SECRET BOMBINGS AND THE PLANNING OF OPERATION ROCKCRUSHER At the time I believed the decision to operate in secrecy was a bad mistake. {77} — General (Retired) Bruce Palmer Jr. The B-52 Stratofortress missions, code-named Arclight, served as a relatively common means of engaging the Communists in 1968 and 1969.

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This paper would have been impossible without the support and assistance of many people. First, I would like to thank my committee staff, Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Geoff Babb, Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Bill Connor, and Dr. Gary Bjorge. Their guidance and mentorship not only improved this paper, but also my development as a professional officer. I deeply appreciate Dr. Philip Brookes and his staff for their untiring support of the MMAS program. Thanks to the research staff of the US Army Center for Military History and the Combined Arms Research Library for their assistance in locating primary sources.

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