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The specific topic of the higher a part of the letters and essays of Schiller contained during this quantity is Aesthetics; and prior to passing to any comments on his therapy of the topic it is going to be worthy to supply a couple of observations at the nature of this subject, and on its remedy by way of the philosophical spirit of alternative ages.
First, then, aesthetics has for its item the sizeable realm of the attractive, and it can be so much safely outlined because the philosophy of paintings or of the superb arts. to a couple the definition could appear arbitrary, as aside from the gorgeous in nature; however it will stop to seem so whether it is remarked that the wonder that's the murals is greater than ordinary attractiveness, since it is the offspring of the brain. additionally, if, in conformity with a definite institution of contemporary philosophy, the brain be seen because the real being, together with all in itself, it needs to be admitted that good looks is just actually appealing while it stocks within the nature of brain, and is mind’s offspring.
Viewed during this mild, the great thing about nature is just a mirrored image of the wonderful thing about the brain, in simple terms a less than excellent good looks, which as to its essence is integrated in that of the brain. Nor has it ever entered into the brain of any philosopher to advance the attractive in typical items, with a view to convert it right into a technological know-how and a approach. the sector of average good looks is simply too doubtful and too fluctuating for this objective. in addition, the relation of good looks in nature and sweetness in artwork kinds part of the technology of aesthetics, and reveals back its right place…


[Halls of Wisdom]
From Buddha to Confucius to Plato and down the spiral of time to Kant, Nietzsche and Russell, the Halls of knowledge are stuffed to overflowing, but slightly complete. discover the cavernous teachings of the masters, wander off within the paintings of ask yourself, and fall in love with knowledge.
The purely factor you could lose are your chains.

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Wherever we direct our eyes in past times, we see taste and freedom mutually avoiding each other. Everywhere we see that the beautiful only founds its sway on the ruins of heroic virtues. And yet this strength of character, which is commonly sacrificed to establish aesthetic culture, is the most powerful spring of all that is great and excellent in man, and no other advantage, however great, can make up for it. Accordingly, if we only keep to the experiments hitherto made, as to the influence of the beautiful, we cannot certainly be much encouraged in developing feelings so dangerous to the real culture of man.

While the female god challenges our veneration, the godlike woman at the same time kindles our love. But while in ecstacy we give ourselves up to the heavenly beauty, the heavenly self-repose awes us back. The whole form rests and dwells in itself--a fully complete creation in itself--and as if she were out of space, without advance or resistance; it shows no force contending with force, no opening through which time could break in. Irresistibly carried away and attracted by her womanly charm, kept off at a distance by her godly dignity, we also find ourselves at length in the state of the greatest repose, and the result is a wonderful impression for which the understanding has no idea and language no name.

For to this end it would be necessary to comprehend that combination itself, which continues to defy our exploration, as well as all mutual operation between the finite and the infinite. The reason, on transcendental grounds, makes the following demand: There shall be a communion between the formal impulse and the material impulse--that is, there shall be a play instinct--because it is only the unity of reality with the form, of the accidental with the necessary, of the passive state with freedom, that the conception of humanity is completed.

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