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By John H. Hewett

ISBN-10: 0664242960

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"For the person within the throes of responding to the....suicide of a friend, this ebook presents worthy perception into the adventure. this sort of cognitive wisdom can really alleviate anguish through being a competent advisor throughout the process".---The Theological Educator.

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Now that the cause of their emotional turmoil is gone, many family members breathe silent sighs of relief after the suicide. Often, an unspoken death wish had been felt toward the deceased, and the actual event fulfills this unconscious desire. When relief, rather than grief, follows suicide, people often bypass the emotional flood that follows shock. Catharsis A Greek word meaning "purging" or "purification," catharsis follows shock in most grief experiences. In this phase, the numbness begins to wear off and you realize the great loss that has occurred in your life.

Anger Although your feelings of rage may be tumultuous for you and those around you, they represent something positively healthy. Anger shows that you're coming out from the depths of depression. You can express your feelings again, without fear. " It seems silly to discuss whether or not you have a right to be angry, and it is. That kind of question ignores the rage you Page 48 feel inside. " Others like yourself report a great deal of anger in the months after suicide. K. for you to express them.

Drugs may certainly serve a purpose in your situation, but they won't cure your grief. In fact, they may complicate the healing process as much as they aid it. If your doctor gives you a "nerve pill," ask for which "nerve" it is intended! What you're getting is most likely a tranquilizer, like Valium, to sedate you and make you groggy. I agree with those physicians and counselors who believe that grief is handled best when you're awake, not drugged into sleepiness. Tranquilizers won't end the pain.

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