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By Ben Macintyre

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Eddie Chapman used to be a captivating felony, a con guy, and a philanderer. He used to be additionally essentially the most notable double brokers Britain has ever produced. contained in the traitor used to be a guy of loyalty; contained in the villain used to be a hero. the matter for Chapman, his spymasters, and his fans was once to grasp the place one character ended and the opposite all started. in response to lately declassified documents, Agent Zigzag tells Chapman’s complete tale for the 1st time. It’s a gripping story of loyalty, love, treachery, espionage, and the skinny and moving line among constancy and betrayal.

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For the Nazis, the ancient fort served a similar psychological purpose—as a hostage camp, a place of interrogation, torture, and summary execution, and a visible symbol of intimidation, inescapable in every way. Romainville was “death’s waiting room,” a prison for civilians—resistance fighters, political prisoners, prominent Jews, Communists and intellectuals, suspected spies, political subversives, and “trouble-makers,” as well as those who had simply failed to show sufficient deference to the new rulers of France.

The Abwehr was equally ill prepared. Hitler had neither expected nor wanted to go to war with Britain, and most Nazi intelligence operations had been directed eastwards. The Abwehr intelligence network in Britain was virtually nonexistent. As Britain and Germany squared up for conflict, a strange shadow dance took place between their rival intelligence services: both frantically began building up spy networks, almost from scratch, for immediate deployment against one another. Each credited the other with extreme efficiency and advanced preparations, and both were wrong.

He could not have been more wrong. These were not members of the German intelligence service, but the Gestapo. Chapman and Faramus were not being recruited, but arrested. They were handcuffed, bundled into a Vauxhall waiting in the drizzle, and driven to the dock. The senior officer, a captain, or Hauptmann, brusquely informed the pair that they were now prisoners, and if they attempted to escape they would be shot. From the car, they were marched onto a small landing barge and manacled to an iron bar bolted to the wheelhouse.

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