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By Robert Marshall

ISBN-10: 0002177862

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The tale of mystery provider treachery within the moment international conflict. It describes how the top of MI6, piqued by way of Chruchill's developing of SOE as a rival sabotage and intelligence association, devised a catch, utilizing a double agent, Henri Dericourt, to damage the complete of SOE's intelligence community in France. hence approximately 1,000 women and men have been arrested, 1000s of whom died in focus camps.

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However, as the phoney war slowly ticked away, the SD’s interrogation of Best and Stevens was gradually opening up the inner workings of MI6. By the end of 1939, Dansey still stood at the head of an extensive organization, though its effectiveness was diminishing each day. He had been given responsibility for all network operations, while Menzies had overall control of the service and specific responsibility for the relatively new field of signals intelligence. The relationship between the two men was close but not friendly.

A disparate group of frightened and bitter men, united by a single crime – collaboration. Paradoxically, just three years before, Fresnes Prison had echoed to the sound of jackboots and the inmates who padded along the gallery then also shared a common charge. They called it Patriotism. The world had been turned upside down. Of course, not all the inmates the Germans imprisoned there in 1943 were true patriots and nor indeed were all those imprisoned in 1946 guilty of treason. The prisoners in Fresnes were part of a larger society that was gradually steeling itself for a painful period of self-examination.

His wife, Jeannot, or his ‘little chicken’, as he called her when trying to comfort, was temperamentally a different person. Petite and somewhat nervous, she had tried but failed to disguise her terror and so Henri had leant across the table, taken her hand in his and held it there. When he had finished, Déricourt packed a small bag with toothbrush, soap and towel. 2 On 29 November he was taken to DST headquarters and before the Commissaire de Police, René Gouillaud, he was charged with having had ‘intelligence with the enemy’, for which the punishment was death.

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