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By Oliver North; Chuck Holton

ISBN-10: 0805447121

ISBN-13: 9780805447125

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Holding-off speed-............ 4 mph 55 mph 35-40 mph k. Landins Area The DFS-230 glider requires only a small landing area. It has been noted that flaps may be used to steepen the angle of glide. If the skid is wound with barbed wire, or fitted with arresting hooks, landing in an even smaller area is practicable. 25. THE GOTHA 242 GLIDER The Gotha 242 Glider, larger than the DFS-230, is used for troop transport in training and for freight-carrying. Six of them were captured partially destroyed at Derna.

ITALIAN PARACHUTE DEVELOPMENT In 1927 shortly after Mussolini had begun the expansion of Italian air power, 9 soldiers with their equipment made a group parachute jump over the airport of Cinisello. About that year the Italians started a course for 256 jumpers. From the first Italian standard parachute, "Aerodiscensore," was developed the "Salvatore" type that has subsequently been used in the Italian Air Forces. The dropping of supplies by parachute to the dirigible Italia stranded near the North Pole in 1928 foreshadowed successful Italian practice in both the conquest of Ethiopia and in the Spanish Civil War.

A. Types of Radios German air-borne attack troops, during the operations at Crete, were equipped with several types of radios, but two types were most extensively used. l," which was carried in three parts, weighed about 120 pounds all told. 1" transmitter had a range of from 10 to 15 miles. 2" (very high frequency) weighed about 40 pounds and had a range of 72 to 10 miles. This model operated on 33,800 to 38,000 kilocycles. Both of these sets, being very light, are well suited for use by air-borne units.

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