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By Frances Karttunen

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This can be a accomplished smooth dictionary of the key indigenous language of Mexico, the language of the Aztecs and plenty of in their buddies. Nahuatl audio system grew to become literate inside a iteration of touch with Europeans, and an unlimited literature has been composed in Nahuatl starting within the mid-sixteenth century and carrying on with to the current.

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CEHUAL-LI shadow of something / sombra de alguna cosa 1M)See CEHUIA). I9r]. See CEHUAL-LI, -YO. IOU]. See CE-TL, HUAPAHU(A). , See CE-TL, HUETZ(I). 88r]. See CEHUETZII), -PAN. CEHU(I) to calm down, to take a rest, to cool off / aplacarse el airado, 0 apagarse el fuego 0 amatarse la vela, 0 enfriarse la cosa caliente (M), parar, descansar (e) See CEHU(A). CEHUIA vref], vt to rest oneself; to get someone else to rest, to relieve someone / descansar (M), descansar a otro, ayudiindole a llevar la carga, 0 aplacar el enojado (M) See CEHU(I).

CaCHPACHlHU(I) COCHPACHIHUITIA caus. 30,I46]. I), PETL(A)-TL. I). COCHTEMIQUIHUA nonact. CaCHTEMIQU(I) COCHTEMIQUILIA applic. II6,I3S]. See CaCHTEMIQUII). II6]. ' Although T only indicates that the preterit is formed with X, this undoubtedly undergoes the same potential vowel lengthening before the X as CHIY(A) does. The alternative preterits given here are based on CHIY(A). T only gives the final X. See CaCH(I), TLACHIY(A). COCHTLACHIYALO nonact. CaCHTLACHIY(A) COCHTLACHIYALTIA caus. 98v]. ' See CaCH(I), MELAHU(A).

67,88,202]. This is found as a free form only in Z, where once out of four times it is given with a long vowel. Z also gives it in some compounds with a long vowel. CEC is abundantly attested in the other sources as an element of compounds, always with a short vowel. See CE-TL. CECU(I) pIet: CEUC ~ CEC to be cold; to have chills / tener frio 1M)According to M, CECUITIA the preterit of this form loses the final vowel, but the resulting final consonant does not delabialize, yielding CEUC, but T gives as the preterit of CECU(IJ a reduplicated form CEHCEC with delabialization.

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