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By Pepin Van Roojen

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This e-book includes wonderful pictures to be used as a photograph source, or proposal. all of the illustrations are saved in high-resolution layout at the enclosed unfastened CD-ROM and are able to use for pro caliber revealed media and website layout. the images is also used to supply postcards, or to accessorize your letters, flyers, and so forth. they are often imported without delay from the CD into so much layout, photograph- manipulation, representation, word-processing and e mail courses; no deploy is needed. for many functions, unmarried photographs can be utilized for free. Please seek advice the advent to this e-book, or stopover at our site for stipulations.

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A fir tree idol named One Flint that they carried brought them here. When they arrived here at Mexico, some [others] were already settled391 along the shore, which was reedy, grassy. It was possessed by many people. And also they finished crossing this way; they did not settle at one place. [Instead] they crossed over this way, 28 Chapter Five 29 Recto, Ms. Folio 11 yntlan omo tlalíque, o hualpano[que yhuan om]o-cehuíco392 yancuícan chalcohuíc ate[nco, . . nel tentzone. Yxhuítzaltic, ycpac qui manilia ya Yni cua eca huil.

Occa:n quin niman ce: mi:ntli, in micni:uh in o:mozazalocah na:hua:llo:tica. Quiman,606 o:quitla:z in i:pan in te:ya:o:hua:n. Ihcua:c in o:quiqui:ztiqui:zqueh in oc cequi mi:ntli catca teo:pan. Chicahuac motlazato i:npan in Huexo:tzinca miec tla:catl. Tla:lpan quite:pe:huaya. Ini:c niman o:me:hua-tequeh ce: mixa:yahuitl tliliuhqui ca ahhuel in monohmahittaia. Ahmo: o:mone:xtiaya. Ini:c moce:panmihmictiqueh in te:ya:o:hua:n. In ahmo: mah o:quimatia ac quimi:ctiaya i:pampa, his prayer, his villainous god emerged with his command: the sacred chalice with the milk would enthrall and vitalize them.

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